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    Pygmenta is a high quality product designed and created by some of the best tricopigmentists in the world to improve and facilitate the phases of the scalp micropigmentation treatment.


    From the first use you will realize the difference compared to other pigments currently on the market.

    Although it is very easy to dilute, in the package you will find the guide to get the right color based on the skin tone on which you are going to perform the SMP treatment on.

    The ink is suitable for permanent treatments and was made using biodegradable materials.


    Why with Pygmenta you can offer your customers an extremely natural and permanent result:

    • Dense texture
    • A single pigment for all skin tones and haircolors
    • Easy to clean
    • It does not stain during the treatment
    • It does not dry quickly
    • It can also be used at the maximum speed of your machine
    • More impressions with a single refill
    • Vegan 100%
    • Cruelty Free


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