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What types of consultations do you offer at Scalp Solutions?

There are a few different types of consultations that may be offered for scalp micropigmentation (SMP), including:

In-person consultation

Come into our studio located in Carmel, NY and meet with us to discuss how Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can help with your hair loss or scarring and also receive a free hairline simulation.

Phone consultation

If time or distance makes it hard to stop in for an in-person consult, simply forward us a few images utilizing the below photography guide and we will contact you and provide a quote.

Email consultation

Simply email us your questions and photos (see below photography guide), and we will get back to you within 24 hours via email to assist and provide a quote.

Zoom consultation

Thanks to Zoom, our studio is not too far away for anyone. Clients can now schedule an online consultation with us from any part of the world. If you currently don’t have a Zoom account you may sign up for free to be able to connect to us for your appointment.

FaceTime consultation

If you are not able to utilize Zoom for your consultation, we do have another method for you. If you use Apple products such as an iPhone, iPad or iMac, you can set up a FaceTime consultation with us.

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