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The Scalp Solutions Podcast Episode 34 Feat. Will Quaye of Scalp Nation

WILL QUAYE exploded on the smp scene in 2019 where he quickly became recognised by his peers for his hunger and passion to his craft. Will first found himself stepping into the industry due to his mother battling hair-loss, keen to find a solution he came across smp whilst his partner Claire was at one of the UK’s leading Micropigmentation conferences ‘MPUK 19’ Claire believed Will had the qualities to succeed in smp; Four weeks later it was go time! Will’s crusade for continued personal development burns bright, with his constant drive to achieve excellence. Will has fast become one of the uk’s well respected artists, his attention to detail is second to none, producing soft, natural and detailed smp for his clients each and every time. In 2020 we saw Will become a finalist for Best scalp tech at the MPUK’20 awards, Best scalp tech UK at the Teresa Wild PMU conference, and Rising star at the Meeting of Minds ‘20 and walking away as the winner for ‘Best SMP’ at the PMU Circle awards.

To get in contact with Will Quaye:

IG: @scalp_nation

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David Santiago 0:02

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David Santiago 1:28

What's up everybody. Welcome back to the scalp solutions podcast. I am your host David Santiago. And today I have with me my man Will Quaye from Scalp nation representing Sussex United Kingdom, what's going on Will?

Will Quaye 1:44

And again, David, thanks for having me, man.

David Santiago 1:46

Thank you for coming on the show. My brother has been a long time. I know we try to get this going. You know the last round. You know you were too busy for me. You told me Dave, it's all good. But we back here. We back here. Let's dive right in brother. Let the audience know I already introduced you and your location but you know your clinic? Where you represent? Where you from? Brother.

Will Quaye 2:13

Yes. So I've got a small clinic in the UK called Scalp Nation. I'm also a pro artist create scouts, which is in Crawley in the UK. So my time split between the two.

David Santiago 2:29

You are big dog that's where you didn't even let me get to the quote you just like it. I mean, let them know we talked into it. We talked to serious SMP artist here.

Will Quaye 2:36

I'm trying.

David Santiago 2:38

Nah, you badass brother. How did you come to know about the scalp micropigmentation industry?

Will Quaye 2:45

Yes. So it was back in 2019. So originally, the story was I was looking I was actually looking at hair loss solutions, right? For my mom. So I was looking at all different types of ways we could help her and at the same time I was looking my misses and her colleague right. There was a conference in Nottingham, in England called MP UK. I'm not sure. Do you know that one?

David Santiago 3:16

Not, sir.

Will Quaye 3:17

Yeah. MP UK. So it's like a it's a micropigmentation conference for everything. Micro pigmentations, SMP, PMU, lips, eyebrows eyeliners you name it. She was there. And she see people doing SMP. So she phoned me up and said to me, we'll have you know, I've seen these guys here doing this demonstrating this, I think, you know, you'd be good at it. But at the same time, I kind of half had a clue about it because of my research with my mother. So I just thought to myself, like, this is weird, you know, I mean, like all these things that are happening like all the roads that sort of pushing me into this industry that I'm half aware of but want to know more about so she came back from the conference and within a month I'd done my fundamental training and the rest is history.

David Santiago 4:11

You were ready to go so you one of the fortunate SMP practitioners that has a his original full head of hair, huh?

Will Quaye 4:19

Yeah, yeah.

David Santiago 4:20

Not me. I don't want to take my [Inaudible 04:21] then I got to mess up. I got to mess with my-

Will Quaye 4:25

Keep on that.

David Santiago 4:26

Yeah, I forgot what I call these. I keep touching them. I don't know the earphones. There we go. All right. So what were you doing prior to SMP?

Will Quaye 4:35

So, by trade, I was taught by trade. I'm a welder, fabricator. Yeah, man.

David Santiago 4:43

You're crafty, dude.

Will Quaye 4:45

I'll make sure that all up from nothing.

David Santiago 4:47

That's awesome.

Will Quaye 4:49

Yeah, so it's a bit when I tell people as you know, I like telling people that as well because-

David Santiago 4:55

Because they let them know you're artistically inclined.

Will Quaye 5:00

Just not even that, to be honest, it's just especially for like people new to the industry, you know, they may come from all sorts of different walks of life, you know, III don't necessarily in my opinion, you don't necessarily have to be a barber or a tattoo or a traditional tattoo artists, you know, if you've got the will and the drive and you know, you want to learn something you could, you know, you could be anything and-

David Santiago 5:26

Absolutely, totally agree with you. I'm glad you, I'm glad you went that route with that, um, that's awesome. So now let's transition over to mortar into SMP. Right? What was one of your biggest failures as a practitioner? And what did you learn from that experience?

Will Quaye 5:46

So failures?

David Santiago 5:50

So many coming up. No failures?

Will Quaye 5:54

Yeah, yeah. I mean, I don't really see failures, right?

David Santiago 5:58

So I like your style. But I already see what is gone..

Will Quaye 6:02

It's true, man. Because like, everything's like a lesson, right? So, yeah, I've failed along the way. But I don't see it as failure. I sort of test and measure things all the time, even now. I test the major things all in different aspects of the business. So some things work really good. Some things, you know, take a little longer, or I've got to be in there and try something else. So yeah, I just, you know.

David Santiago 6:28

No failures, just lessons.

Will Quaye 6:30

Yeah, man.

David Santiago 6:31

My man, I like your style. You're prolific dude. I'm glad we finally jumped on the podcast. So if you could be remembered, in this industry for one thing, what would it be? What would you want that to be?

Will Quaye 6:43

So when you say that, do you mean, in regards to my work, or just me as a person?

David Santiago 6:48

In general, whether it be your work or just, you know, your character, your professionalism?

Will Quaye 6:53

Yeah, I mean, to be honest, I try to keep everything I do is with honesty, integrity, and I just try to keep it like, 100 with my clients, like, no matter what, I'll tell them the truth. You know, if someone comes into me, and they've got quite a bit of hair, but it's missing on the crown, and they want a density job, I'll try and steer them away from that, for example, whereas others may not they may-

David Santiago 7:17

Take that money. Let me take that money.

Will Quaye 7:19

Get the money, right. So with me, I'm just totally honest, you know, just straight down the line all the way. And that's what I'd like to be remembered for. Dude, I mean, just be honest.

David Santiago 7:30

Outstanding, a stand up guy. What was one of the best compliments a client has ever given you?

Will Quaye 7:35

I don't get many but like when it comes to work, I mean, we've had tears. We've had tears a few times.

David Santiago 7:45

How was that for you? How was it a matter of fact, let's go with that. How was that? How did you receive that man, the first time you saw and I'm gonna assume was it another man? That you saw you actually brought him to tears because the transformation was just so like, wow.

Will Quaye 8:01

Yeah. So, you know, obviously, you know yourself being a sculpt artist, like, you know, you get different people come into your clinic. Some may be just purely for vanity reasons, right? And some might be because they're genuinely suffering. So this particular guy, he had a case of alopecia. So yeah, quite long hair, but yet the patches, you know, in hair, and we managed to disguise them like really well, and he was just blown away. Because, you know, you can imagine for him, he's walking around every day, completely conscious to that, and for him to just walk out and not have to worry, it just brought him to tears, man. So that's why, you know, that's why I do it. Because for them reactions.

David Santiago 8:45

Absolutely. So now I'm gonna bring him flipping back a little more for you. How about in regards to an insole? Have you ever received an insult from someone or client that you're proud of? So tricky one. Should I give you an example? I'm going to give you an example. So coming up, I used to, you know, one took me under the wing Wonka Yellow from Jerome. And I actually, you know, this past two, three weeks ago, when we were at the SMP Expo, I was on stage with him, and I told them about this. So I told them, listen, I need you to be 100% transparent with me when I send you my work. I need you to tell me, am I is it good? Or is it bad? You know what I mean? Like, so one time he tells me, he goes, Yeah, you know, it wasn't a completed first session. I was like, halfway, so I think he thought, so he was like, yeah, man, that looks like shit. Like he just kept. Yeah, yeah, he kept and I respect that's what I wanted. But it was one of those. It was one of those like, you know, I was proud of that because it was like, You know what, this dude is gonna help me get better. So that's what I mean. Like, did anyone ever you know-

Will Quaye 10:00

[Inaudible] Yeah, yeah. I mean, I can take on criticism like, I'm not like, I don't, it doesn't get my backup. I'm quite happy for it. And I mean, so as long as the person that is criticizing me-

David Santiago 10:19

Is better than you.

Will Quaye 10:20

Exactly. You know, he or she, you know is in a position to criticize me. But in regards to the question he was going back to I mean, my missus she always says, you know a bad trait of mine is that I'm never really present right not like as in now but like say like for example, we're watching TV. You know we finish we're watching a bit of Netflix. We watch anyway a minute. Anything good.

David Santiago 10:51

Say that again Brother. You liked?

Will Quaye 10:53

What you watching? I mean, anything good on Netflix?

David Santiago 10:56

Ah, yes, I am watching. Amend. It's about you know, the 14 Oh, my goodness. It's about the Constitution. And I'm watching that. And what's that squid game. That's the big I'm watching.

Will Quaye 11:19

Don't give it away. But you're watching that. And, you know, I'm constantly thinking of the business. So whether it be replying to clients or, you know, posting stuff on social media, like I'm always like, half in, half out. But I don't think that's a bad thing. Because I think most people are entrepreneurial. Is that a word? Right?

David Santiago 11:43


Will Quaye 11:45

Are a little bit like that. So-

David Santiago 11:48

It never turns off. It's not supposed to turn off. But that's a good itself. Okay, we'll take that. So, do you have any influential people? Like, give me three names. And if you don't have three, that's fine. Three influential individuals in the industry. And how have they impacted you?

Will Quaye 12:07

In the industry? Um, well, I mean, I'd have to say, Paul Clark, from Brentwood clinic, purely because I you know, I done my fundamental training there. I mean, I'm going to say Simon as well, obviously the pair of them. That's where if you did already, I have done my fundamental training.

David Santiago 12:30

You did your fundamentals with Paul Clark?

Will Quaye 12:33

Yeah, Brentwood clinical.

David Santiago 12:35

Okay. Yep.

Will Quaye 12:36

So obviously got massive respect for them. Show me the way and you know, one forget that. And today, obviously, Mr. Mark Allen, you know, he's almost like a father figure to me like he soul brother.

David Santiago 12:53

He's a beast. He's definitely one of my top three.

Will Quaye 12:57

Yeah, so I'd probably have to say those guys, and as well, because they're probably the only afraid I've actually met.

David Santiago 13:11

That's all I know.

Will Quaye 13:12

-Computer screening.

David Santiago 13:14

Listen, one day, there's COVID Crab is going to be overwhelmed. And we all want to get the hang out. It's such a beautiful experience. Even you know, when I was at the expo a few weeks ago, just to put, you know, the face, you know, to the name and all the Instagram and Facebook comments. It was outstanding.

Will Quaye 13:33

You know what, because obviously, when I got into the industry, I was buzzing I was like, I have heard of all these conferences like, you know, I just wanted to get out and meet people and start sharing ideas and bang, put the logs on.

David Santiago 13:47

World shut down.

Will Quaye 13:49

Yeah. So I'm like, chomping at the bit for that.

David Santiago 13:53

So awesome thing, man. It's going to happen, hopefully 2022 I don't know. 2022 is already starting to be a little scary. Alright, so if you could have coffee with any SMP figure, who would you choose? And why?

Will Quaye 14:06

Are you in it?

David Santiago 14:07

Oh, my man. Yeah,

Will Quaye 14:10

That is, you know what, we were just touching on the point before so there's a few because I want to meet everyone. But I would say people that are you know, I want to learn from and I admire their work and-

David Santiago 14:29

Get the sauce. Would you want to get the sauce from?

Will Quaye 14:35

If there's not just one person but you know, just names that sort of comes.

David Santiago 14:40

You gotta give me one. Will, you got to give me one. Come on, give me one.

Will Quaye 14:45

John Chandler. I like his stuff. And I like what he's doing. And, you know, everyone around him seems to be putting out the same sort of quality of work. So that would be nice to hear some bits from him. Massoud, I mean yeah he seems to put some real good share there's again I mean you know, I don't know him but that would be cool. Jemaine, yeah.

David Santiago 15:14

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David Santiago 15:57

So do you have a pet peeve in the industry? Is there something about the industry that you feel like, I'd like to either change it or just get rid of it? Come on, let's get spicy Will.

Will Quaye 16:12

I mean, people have a tendency to try to run before they can walk. Quite a lot. I see it quite a lot. I know [Inaudible 16:24] I don't say anything. But you know, that bugs me a little bit.

David Santiago 16:32

So I get where you're going. But is there anything in particular like does it, is it with training like a guy? Oh, he just got his fundamentals training last week. Now he's, uh, you know, now he's a trainer.

Will Quaye 16:44

That would be an example. Because there's certain things that I believe you know, you can't start training people unless you've sort of been free yourself. So even with me, like, I'm pretty busy doing what I'm doing, but I still haven't seen everything. I haven't, you know, and then there'll be one day that something comes in you like yeah, you got to think on your feet, like, you know, but you need that more than once. You need it once, twice, three times. You need to see it come back healed you need you know, you need all them. You need all in boxes ticked before you can then.

David Santiago 17:26

Yeah, say yeah, I'm gonna teach you something. Yeah, I get you. They need the experience. All right.

Will Quaye 17:32

Yeah. For example, yeah. So today, I've done a guy who had a huge FUE Job. Not gone too well. So scott up quite bad, but his skin tone was quite, very similar to mine, actually, or maybe a little bit lighter. But I found that a lot harder to do than someone with a lighter skin tone. But I don't know if it was just the skin. But I've never come across it until today.

David Santiago 18:00

Right. So that's why.

Will Quaye 18:03

I do a lot of FUE right, but I've never come across this guy. And but now, do you that mean so I need that a few times before.

David Santiago 18:13

You can say you are master FUE Scott Campbell. Got you. Where do you see the industry in five years, bro?

Will Quaye 18:25

I see it thriving, to be honest. I mean, I think it's gonna be like more accepted, is becoming more accepted now. In regards to like male grooming, I mean, females guessing too, but like, you know, in regards to mouths, like cosmetics and things like that I seen industry growing. I think there's going to be a lot of clinics pop up. But I believe, you know, when it comes down to it, only the strong will survive. And you know, you gotta have everything in order. It's not just about you know, some people just get into this for the wrong reasons, if you know that.

David Santiago 19:04

Those are the ones that are not gonna be here in another five years.

Will Quaye 19:07

Yeah, exactly. So you gotta just be 100% dedicated into it and you know, I don't think you will have anything to worry about in that sense but you know, I think the future is bright. You already did.

David Santiago 19:18

I agree. I don't want to give my example. This is about you. Today's about highlighting you. No, I agree to, I definitely see it thriving more I do see a lot of people you know, coming in the industry solely for money. But as a just a businessman by nature. I know that anything that you pursue solely for money, never works out. There's got to be some sort of ambition there. There's got to be some sort of, like pride in work. You actually really got to be dedicated or passion. You have to be passionate.

Will Quaye 20:00

Definitely, you got a, what I think about is, you know, your sole purpose should be to keep that client happy and do the best job you can, every time someone comes in, right? And if you can do that, then everything else will just come from there. You know, if we can keep producing that keep produce because it's hard. It's not easy and people get it twisted because they think it's easy.

David Santiago 20:28

Yeah. I'm gonna get six figures my first year.

Will Quaye 20:31

Money and it isn’t easy, really isn’t easy. And it you know, you see so much. So many different canvases come through the door, and you got to think differently every time someone comes in, and it's just, it's constantly changing.

David Santiago 20:47

Oh, yeah, absolutely. I feel like I'm gonna and I'm willing to accept it for however many years to remain a student to the game for several years. And I'm okay with that.

Will Quaye 20:57

Yeah, that's another important thing. I was gonna say because no matter how much people sort of, like blow smoke up your ass and this any other you've always got to be willing to learn like, and if someone like you say, one sets you like it looks like piece of shit. Yeah. Like, you got to be willing to take that and go. Alright, cool. Can you tell me why? How can I rectify? Or how can I fix it? What do you think I should do? Like, when you get to the point of stopping to learn? That's when you're starting to die. You got to keep pushing.

David Santiago 21:34

Yeah, yeah. They say complacency kills. You become complacent. That's when you die. In the industry, not in the literal sense. Guys, relax. What are the tools you use? And brother you willing to share some tools? What's the secret weapon you got over there? My man, Bishop. Alright, we'll jump into that. Right? So you're sponsored by Bishop. Um, talk to us about that. How did that happen? And how did it feel to get that notification that selection that they wanted you part of the professional scene?

Will Quaye 22:08

So I sort of like entered photos and just, you know, my work for them to see. And then they sort of pit I'm guessing out of a bunch of people and I've got another fight back. You know, I was gonna be one of them, guys. It was a shock, mate. Because I you know, I've not been in the industry that long. And, you know, bishop in my eyes are one of the biggest, like, what we call like, a top shelf. They're like, their edge. And I mean, for them to come up to me and offer that to me. I was just taken back. And, you know, it's definitely the biggest achievement to date for me. Yeah, man, I love the brand. That's the thing, because I wouldn't have accepted something like this. If I didn't eat like use. I mean, I'll be using Bishop machines and needles and stuff. Like, probably one month after my training, the first month, I was using sort of whatever was recommended, but then I sort of started to research myself. So I've been using this stuff, and I believe in it. So I think that's important as well.

David Santiago 23:14

Okay. Okay. I was gonna yeah, you know, cuz I, you know, so people say, Hey, I'm sponsored, you know, okay, I'll see, use this. But the reality of it is, I'm using this and this. I mean, it exists. I'm not knocking it. I'm not knocking it. But glad you are.

Will Quaye 23:30

But for me like, I can't be that guy. Like, I have to believe in it if, I didn't use it. And someone offered it to me, and it's no good to me. Like, I've got to believe in it. And so that's why it just worked out perfectly. Because not many other companies would work that good for me. So it worked out well.

David Santiago 23:52

I hear you, brother. Alright. Will, so what's one of the biggest challenges that you're actually you know, well, I'm gonna backtrack because you told me you sponsor but you didn't tell me the tools. What are you working with? What's your-

Will Quaye 24:04

What machine?

David Santiago 24:05


Will Quaye 24:06

So I sort of flip between. Mainly I'm using the one, the SMP one. But they're sort of like lightly released a new machine, the SMP pen, which is another good machine to be honest with you. I'm more experienced with a one. I know the ins and outs and exactly it works. I'm still sort of getting-

David Santiago 24:33

Feel for the new one.

Will Quaye 24:34


David Santiago 24:36

I seen them at the Expo. What about for needles? What needles? Size wise. We know what's Bishop.

Will Quaye 24:46

My go to needle for most clients is probably the 08. Yeah. Because I find that the most versatile I can sort of I can sort of make it do what I want to do. Even on skin tone or complexity of skin, that's evocative one needle on bag. That's it be that I do go up and down. I mean, I was using a 10 today.

David Santiago 25:13

So when you say you do go up and down, at what instances I know that but for the listeners, when would you swap out a needle? So your goal was the 08, when would you swap out to like, given the what scenario?

Will Quaye 25:26

So maybe like, I don't know, like, maybe like a lighter skin tone, I might use the 08 on the first session, but I might drop to a 6 on the second session, depending on how its combat killed. And then vice versa with like a sort of darker skin climb on may go up to a 10.

David Santiago 25:45

And is that to establish some is that your way of establishing depth with the two different?

Will Quaye 25:54

Not really, because I'm actually studying [Inaudible 25:58] exams at the moment.

David Santiago 26:00

Oh, nice.

Will Quaye 26:01

Yeah, yeah. So-

David Santiago 26:02

I got one more left. Yeah, one more and I'll be full blast. Official certified knock away my white coat. You know what could be cool now?

Will Quaye 26:14

That's it. Yeah. So like European, Asian and African. Like, hey, he's like different capacities outward. Like they're different sizes. So in my mind, I'm thinking all right, so I'll maybe got a bigger needle depending on-

David Santiago 26:28

Match the follicle, match the hair.

Will Quaye 26:31

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. That's my reason.

David Santiago 26:34

Okay. Good, man. All right. That's a little gem right there for depending on who's listening to this new guy. He just made a newbies life a lot easier right now. Alright, so what are some of the biggest challenges that you're facing right now? Just like as your role or in business, you know, and how are you tackling that?

Will Quaye 26:56

Yeah, for me, it's time management. I'm really bad man. We've time and sometimes I'm guilty of procrastination, I'm not going to big words, but I hear and yeah, so

David Santiago 27:10

That's alright brother, listen I grew up are Hooked on Phonics two boys. All right.

Will Quaye 27:17

So yeah, time management. So you know, I've got two PAs at the moment. But she, you know, my admin gills, they just basically helped me with everything to do with my clients, like the bookings, and follow ups and stuff like that. And that's taken a lot of given me back a lot of time. So, you know, I definitely recommend that if you're struggling with your timekeeping.

David Santiago 27:42

Some assistance, you don't got one assistant, you got two assistant, you flex and real hard right now Will. What's one of the most important lessons that you've learned in your career so far in SMP.

Will Quaye 28:02

Stay in your lane. That's a big one. Because

David Santiago 28:07

Elaborate on that, please.

Will Quaye 28:10

So what I mean by that is, you know, you've got your journey, right, everyone else is, you know, I don't say race, but everyone's on this journey as well, right? But you don't need to worry about like everyone else, just worry about yourself. So sometimes when you haven't got the blinkers on, and you know, you're looking left and right, it sort of takes your eye off of what you're doing. And it can start. So this is what happened to me in the beginning. You know, you'd go on forums, and you know, you'd see other people's work all the time, and it gave me anxiety, they actually gave me anxiety, because Oh shit.

David Santiago 28:47

I gotta get there.

Will Quaye 28:48

Yeah, I'm not. It's not until you like, look at your own stuff. And then look back to what you was doing, like a year ago, two years ago and go shit actually, I've come a long way. So just concentrate on what you're doing.

David Santiago 29:05

Yeah, don't you don't got to keep up with the Joneses. So in your opinion, was one of the most important personality traits or strengths that someone would need to be in our industry and be successful at it? I know this several. But in your opinion, what did you think?

Will Quaye 29:29

I think you need to be humble, right? Because, you know, you can share all you like, and then all of a sudden one day, something will humble you, like in regards to a tricky client coming in and all of a sudden you don't know what to do. So just stay humble. Be honest with your clients. You know, when I was starting out, I was completely honest with them. I said, Look, you know, I've just qualified. This is where I'm at, obviously, was charged you know, things like that would show in, you know, my experience. So, I was just completely honest with my clients from the beginning. And I've still got them clients today, like when they come back for touch ups and stuff like that. So that goes a long way. And you got to be empathetic, you know, cuz you're dealing with people's feelings. So you got to try to understand put yourself in their shoes and guide them through the process then by you know, and just be patient. That's a big one.

David Santiago 30:33

Everybody wants everything quick, is the money to process everything.

Will Quaye 30:38

Yeah, you got to trust the process. And even when I say that, I say that to my clients all the time, right? Trust the process. This is just the first session. Second session, we're going to build, third session, we're going to get it right. But sometimes you as an iced, you've got to trust the process. Because sometimes you do a first session, you might be looking and you thinking, fuck, I still see his whole shoot like shit. But it's the first session like chill, right? And, you know, you will get there like, but sometimes like, then you start to, you know, a lot of freaky selfie a little bit. But you know, but yeah.

David Santiago 31:17

That goes back to looking at some of these old G's work. And you know, some of these guys, they take that first session, and they smack it out the park and like, man, he made it and they're like, you know, first session results, and you're like, Yo, this dude was a Norwood seven. I don't see no horseshoe I'm like, I get on the second session sometimes. And I'm still trying to camouflage this, I got you.

Will Quaye 31:35

But that's the thing as well like, because everyone works differently. So with me, I'll take a real slow approach, like my first session is a quiet sparse, they're quite wide set. And I really layer it like to get to the finish result. Whereas others, like you say, may just pepper the hell out of it and get it a little bit quicker. But again, when you're looking at too much side to side, and not conscious on what you're doing what you do best that sometimes it can, like

David Santiago 32:04

Throws off the whole strategy.

Will Quaye 32:05

Yeah miss your vision a little bit, you know?

David Santiago 32:07

Yeah, absolutely. That's great, man. Great, great points. Um, what's one piece of advice? You'd give some you can give someone starting out in the in our SMP industry. We dropped a lot of gems. You have. I need you to dig in. I need you to dig deep in the soul box.

Will Quaye 32:26

This is gonna be a bit of a controversial one. Yeah, so forums Yeah. SMP forums.

David Santiago 32:40

Dude, I love you, bro.

Will Quaye 32:43

Oh, would be careful in the forums. Like if you just started out reason I say that is because the forums is a free run for anyone to say anything. Yeah. So when you're just starting out, you know, you might panic a bit like something's not quite gone right. So you're not sure. What can I do? You go on the forum. Yeah. Searching for something shiny. Yeah, to get you out of that mess. Yeah. But sometimes, like, I miss you, obviously, you just started out, you don't know who's who. Don't get me wrong. There's people in there. They're giving away good information. But on the flip side, there's people in it, spouting a lot of shit

David Santiago 33:25

That don't know nothing.

Will Quaye 33:28

Exactly, and then it's game over. So what I would say if you're starting out, be careful on the forums, you know, don't take it too literal. But if you are struggling, go back to your training provider and just ask them stick to the basics and do it. Well. Repeat. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. And if you need to do more training, do more training. Don't ask Joe Bloggs on the forum.

David Santiago 3:54

Joe Bloggs with two with two clients that he did last year.

Will Quaye 33:58

Exactly. That's why I'm saying.

David Santiago 34:00

That guy knows the most. He's the Grandmaster

Will Quaye 34:05

Making the most money.

David Santiago 34:08

What's one question you wish I'd asked you. And how I'm gonna go was a two part. What's one question you wish I would have asked you. And how would you have answered?

Will Quaye 34:21

Am I married?

David Santiago 34:25

Are you married?

Will Quaye 34:27

Now but I'm getting married.

David Santiago 34:28

Are you? When?

Will Quaye 34:31


David Santiago 34:32

Outstanding. My brother. Congratulations for you.

Will Quaye 34:35

That's why I was waiting for big clap.

David Santiago 34:37

Matter of fact, I got one here for you to, hold on. Hold on. We could get real jiggy with it. See he's going down to Oh, that's amazing. That's outstanding. Good for you, brother. Congratulations. That was a good one. I would have not expected that. We'll let our listeners know where they can find you online. Let them get the website social media. The handles

Will Quaye 35:01

So the website is just all the and pretty much on all socials is just at Scalp nation.

David Santiago 35:11

Outstanding. Well my brother was a pleasure having you on the show you a stand up dude. I love your style. I love what you're doing for the industry. And let's stay connected Brother.

Will Quaye 35:22

Thanks for having me on.

David Santiago 35:25

Thank you my brother.

Closing Message

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