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Stem cells: The secret to hair regrowth?

Four years ago researchers in Japan claimed that they had found a method to extract stem cells from hair follicles of healthy mice and implant them into balding mice. The experiment involved completely bald mice that experienced significant hair growth. There hasn't been much to add since the original announcement...until now!

Are stem cells responsible for the creation of new hair follicles?

Follica, an American company that claims to be based on similar research has developed a new method of using stem cells to produce new hair follicles. Follica claims that the new hair follicles would then grow hair like normal. Follica has been described in very few details, but its general principles were developed from a 2006 study that found when mice's skin was cut, a window opened up during the healing phase whereby new hair follicles could be created. The healing process continued and new hair began to grow in the bald spots. Follica is thought to involve removing the top layers of the scalp to create the conditions for stem cells regeneration. The scalp is then treated with a custom-made formula to help ensure that new hair molecules are created. Bernat Olle is one of Follica's scientists. He says that pre-clinical trials and clinical studies "confirmed we could consistently create new hair follicules in mice and humans."

Treatment options for hair loss today

Despite these encouraging reports from Follica the treatment has yet to receive any formal approval from either the MHRA or FDA in the US. It is likely that many years of clinical trials are required before stem cell treatments can be made available to the public. If you are experiencing hair loss and looking for a guaranteed solution, contact us HERE and schedule a free consultation. Let us show you what scalp micropigmentation can do for you!

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