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Exciting Partnership Announcement: Scalp Solutions Joins Forces with Shewolf Medical!

Hello to our valued clients and readers,

At Scalp Solutions, our primary mission has always been to offer innovative solutions to men's hair loss problems. Over the years, we've become an established name in the Hudson Valley region thanks to our state-of-the-art scalp micropigmentation treatments. You have allowed us to become trusted partners who consistently pursue ways of expanding our offerings and better serving your needs.

Today we are thrilled to unveil an exciting new chapter!

Shewolf Medical, a premier name in hair restoration, and Scalp Solutions are delighted to announce our collaboration. Through this alliance, we are expanding our services by adding hair transplantation procedures. But there’s a twist: these world-class procedures will be conducted in Istanbul, Turkey - renowned not only for its rich culture and history but also recognized for it’s advanced medical treatments and facilities.

Why Istanbul, you might ask? Because Istanbul stands alone when it comes to medical tourism, specifically hair transplantation procedures. With experienced surgeons using cutting-edge technology and providing results that speak for themselves.

Scalp Solutions understands the value of providing our clients with a convenient and familiar experience; that's why our Hudson Valley office will be the main contact point for initial consultations, taking photographs as needed and working closely with Shewolf Medical to make your transplantation experience is a success.

In conclusion, our partnership with Shewolf Medical demonstrates our dedication to our esteemed customers. From scalp micropigmentation to hair transplant services, our joint venture ensures you have access to the best of both worlds for optimal results.

Stay tuned for updates regarding this partnership, and feel free to reach out with any inquiries or book a free consultation. Your journey towards greater confidence begins here!

Warm Regards,

David Santiago

Owner & Foounder, Scalp Solutions

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